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6 Lessons Learned: Crabs

Variety of Cooking Methods for Snow Crab Legs

Crab legs are among the most delicious, nutritious and widely consumed meal in the majority of developed countries. Prepare the crabs with the appropriate cooking style and serve them like a professional chef to leave your family and guests licking their fingers. Several meals are tasty when eaten with crabs. These are simple recipes for preparing crab legs quickly to save yourself from starving because of fatigue.

The crunchiness that crab legs get when grilled is amazing. It is hygienic grill cleaned crab legs hence wash them well. Cook them halfway for approximately five minutes by boiling or steaming before you grill the crabs to save time when grilling for they will cook faster. The crab legs need to cool and washed for a second time after boiling or steaming. Add flavor by seasoning the portions of crabs with olive oil, a clove of garlic, rosemary or thyme leaves that have been chopped well then toss them in olive oil. Use a hot grill to make the crabs have a beautiful brownness on both sides. If you have soft-shell crabs, use lower heat levels when grilling to bring out the well-cooked crabs on the inside.

The majority of people boil crabs because it brings out the softness in the crabs that make it easy for children and seniors to chew. Make sure that you mix the water in the pot with enough salt to make the crabs taste like ocean water. Beer or wine can be added into the water to add unique flavor to the crabs, but this step is not compulsory. Add seasonings that appeal to you. It takes about fifteen minutes for the crabs take to float when you boil them, but that also depends on their sizes. Remove the crabs using tongs and allow them to cool for a few minutes before serving because they are oily and very hot.

Steam the crab legs if you want to retain their tasty juices. Bring water in a pot, salt it and begin boiling it. Use the steamer basket to steam the crabs. Alternatively, pile the crabs into the pot and let the bottom crabs boil slightly as they act as a platform for the other crabs to steam if you have no steamer basket. The large crabs take longer time to be ready. Use tongs to remove the crabs from the pot or steamer basket. Let the crabs cool before you clean and serve them so that you don’t get burnt.

Roast the crabs for a change if you are used to the other cooking styles. You need to preheat the oven to 450 F. The crabs have to be cleaned before they are boiled or steamed for a while then cleaned again after that. Handle them with caution when cleaning so that they do not lose their flavor. Toss the crabs onto a roasting pan that has seasonings like oil or melted butter, aromatics, spices, herbs and any other that you like. Chilly is not suitable for seasoning crabs if you need to retain the natural flavor of the crabs. The crab will turn brown in the oven after a few minutes, bring them out, let them cool and serve.

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